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blue mocktail recipe

Citrus Magic Blue Mocktail

This purple and blue mocktail recipe was a whole lotta fun to make! I’ve always wondered how some mocktails end up that beautiful purple colour. Of course, when making my lavender lemonade recipe the answer is easy – it comes from the flowers! And for cocktails, the colour often comes […]

virgin strawberry daiquiri

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

Are you look for an easy virgin strawberry daiquiri recipe for Summer and Spring? This mocktail (also known as a virign strawberry margarita) could not be easier to make. With just 3 ingredients and some ice, you’ll have a healthy non-alcoholic cocktail ready to go in no time. This easy […]

easy mocktail recipe blackberry

Blackberry Fizz Mocktail

This blackberry mocktail recipe could not be easier. Take your ingredients, pop them in your favourite glass, muddle together, then add ice and sparkling water. How does that sound for an easy mocktail recipe? The best news? Blackberries are little powerhouses of goodness. They are packed with Vitamin C and […]